Paul Protests John Mark

Wisdom or Stubbornness?

PAUL PROTESTS JOHN MARK (ACTS 15:36-39). When Paul proposed a trip back to visit the brothers in all the towns where they preached the word of the Lord, Barnabas was determined to take John Mark again. Paul, however, thought Mark’s previous defection rendered him unworthy. Who was right? It does not make much difference! Perhaps both apostles were right on some things and wrong on other things.

The result was the two leaders separated. Barnabas took Mark with him to his homeland of Cyprus, and was instrumental in salvaging his young cousin for the ministry. Happily, the NT records that Paul was later reconciled to both men, but Luke never mentions Barnabas again.

In need of a new partner, Paul selects Silas, also called Silvanus, for his second missionary trip. Assumedly, he was called to the work by the Holy Spirit also. Silas becomes the next member of Paul’s inner circle.

SILAS. A leader among the Jerusalem brothers as well as a prophet, Silas made an excellent choice for the work. A prophet spoke for God. He confronted and comforted people with his message. First hand Paul witnessed Silas using his spiritual gift at the Jerusalem Council as well as at Antioch, where he and Judas encouraged and strengthened the brothers.

On their three-year missionary journey, Silas preached and he was stoned, flogged and jailed with Paul. He later joined Peter in Rome, where he helped to co-author the Book of First Peter. Legend has him returning to Corinth, where he became the city’s first bishop. He reportedly died in northern Greece.

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